Neuromotor Task Training

Introduction to NTT

Neuromotor Task Training (NTT) is a context and task based and constraints-led approach to intervention for children with developmental movement conditions. 

NTT is based on the understanding that a child's ability to successfully achieve a desired  movement goal resides in the interaction between the child, the task and the social and physical environment (C-T-E).  

The NTT therapy process 
NTT provides the therapist with a framework for systematically analyzing the factors that limit (constrain) a child's ability to perform activities (tasks) successfully in different contexts (affecting participation). Once the constraints on task execution are understood, NTT provides a process for designing intervention tasks that are progressively loaded to increase task demands and promote learning. Read more

European Academy Childhood Disability  (EACD) DCD Guidelines

Blank R, Smits-Engelsman B, Polatajko H, Wilson P; European Academy for Childhood Disability.. European Academy for Childhood Disability (EACD): recommendations on the definition, diagnosis and intervention of developmental coordination disorder (long version). Dev Med Child Neurol. 2012 Jan;54(1):54-93. PDF

Download the EACD report here

Evidence for NTT 

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