NTT Workshop Presenters

Dr Bouwien Smits-Engelsman

Prof. dr. Bouwien Smits-Engelsman is an internationally recognized authority on neuromotor rehabilitation and neuromotor disorders. She is leading researcher on motor control deficiencies and treatment (evaluation) in children with DCD, genetic syndromes and CP. She has extensively researched motor control deficits due to brain damage and also put in place an extensive research line whereby skills are studied using a clinical, cognitive and neurological approach. She is co-developer of major motor performance tests (Movement Assessment Battery for children; Bayley scales of infant development; Functional Strength Measure, Systematic Detection of Handwriting Problems) and is developer of the approach entitled Neuromotor Task Training (NTT). NTT is a very popular task based approach to intervention based upon motor learning principles and has strong support from numerous meta-analyses and systematic reviews.

Bouwien currently holds a position as Honorary Professor in the Division of Physiotherapy,  University of Cape Town. She is a qualified physical therapist, a neuroscientist, a skilled clinician and a prolific publisher in the area of motor rehabilitation.

Dr Eugene Ramecker

Prof. dr. Eugene Rameckers is specialised in functional therapies in both the mobility and self-care domains in children with neuromotor disorders in the field of neuromotor rehabilitation. He is a leading researcher on functional strength training in children with cerebral palsy and implementation of intensive treatment modalities. He is developing research in sensory game based motor learning in children with motor disabilities and is specialized in  Neuromotor Task Training (NTT) for children with DCD.

Eugene currently holds a position as Professor in Pediatric treatment at University of Hasselt and is connected to the Maastricht University, Department of Functioning and Rehabilitation. He is a qualified pediatric physical therapist, sport teacher and publisher in the area of motor rehabilitation.