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 Prof Dr. Bouwien Smits Engelsman will give a

Short on line NTT introduction courses:

3 half-days October 2021 and February 2022 in English


Switzerland 2021-2022
Full 8 day NTT certification course on site  
Prof Dr. Bouwien Smits Engelsman and Prof Dr. Eugene Rameckers will present four 2-day modules 


Hybrid NTT full certification course in Belgium 2022

(4 days on site and the rest online) in Dutch


Full certification course Taiwan 2022

(2 x a full week on site, plus assignments)

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More about  NTT courses

General introduction to task oriented intervention (TOI)

This 3 half-day online workshop provides a general introduction to task oriented intervention (TOI)  for children with DCD and other developmental conditions that affect motor coordination and competence. 

The workshop covers the principles of  motor learning and the use constraint analysis in understanding difficulties children have with performing everyday, school and sport activities and tasks.

Who should attend?

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physical education and special education teachers. 

NTT Certificate Course

This course covers the application motor learning principles and task performance analysis in clinical practice in children with low motor competence. In the hybrid form, general lectures are given on line. On site days are used to practice with children and to show examples based on the assignments prepared by the participant. This intensive program requires active participation working on assignments in between on-site days. Frequent supervision is provided via Zoom sessions in small groups. 

A certificate is awarded to participants who attend the course and present a case study which illustrates an understanding of the application of NTT principles  

Who should attend?

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists working with children with low motor competence.

Would you like to attend NTT workshop in your area?

These can be organized if there are enough people wishing to attend an NTT workshop in a particular area. 

If you are interested in organizing or attending a NTT workshop please contact: